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Do You Wish You Could Stop The Overwhelm, Frustration, And The Stress Of Trying To Grow Your Business? We Got You...

How would you like to:

have us build your marketing and sales machine FOR you?

have that machine generate leads and customers automatically?

increase your sales by converting prospects into buyers with a simple system?

have a clear plan for YOUR business so you can grow month after month?

have a team in your corner available to you for support when you need it?

Our Software Includes:

The Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint: We use our blueprint to build your business's own Ultimate Online Marketing machine! Then, using or Justine The Lead Machine course, we teach you how to run it!! This can be anything from integrating our system into your current website to building you a new website** or just adding landing pages or sales funnels.

Yes, we set it up, teach you to run it for maximum results, AND we have our support team available when you need them. As turnkey as it gets.

Ad campaign suggested copy and image: That's right! We build your starter ad copy and image on Facebook and/or Google, images, copywriting, suggested targeting and more. Along with support and training to help you manage it. It's what we call "Done With You"... We write it up and hand you the keys and we are here when you need us.

This is how we add fuel to the fire with our campaigns... we build your machine, then we show you how to drive traffic to it with your ads, and we help you build a follow-up system that replies automatically... you answer the phone and communicate with your prospects and profit!

Justine The Lead Machine: "Justine" is what we call our marketing software and the only tool we use. It is an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and sales system designed to take the stress out of online marketing and sales by connecting your website to the world. It is a dashboard full of features to extend your business that would normally cost you a fortune if purchased separately.

It can be incorporated into your current site or a website can be created in the dashboard making it a perfect solution for any business from brand new to established.

There are almost too many features to list! You can use as many features as you wish. The beauty is they are at your fingertips in one dashboard when you're ready!

Dr. Derek Myers - Kinect Rehab

"This is a great company with outstanding results and resources. Results speak for themselves."

Melanie Klein - Skin Retouch Medispa

Home town businesses need hometown customers. It’s important to track your advertising ads see how it’s working for your business. We use the tracking system Justine and do all the ads for our social media accounts with it!!! They have helped grow our clientele base with their expertise."

Spencer Scott - Grace Landscapes

"This has been a game-changer for our small business! Small businesses helping small businesses succeed, it’s what makes the world go round. If you don’t know about them you should!"

What Do You Get With Justine?

For only $299* per month

(Plus a one-time setup fee of $300 and Usage Fees*)

No Hidden Fees.

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

  • Website Integration - Our system integrates into just about any website with a few lines of code. Once it's installed by you or your developer it never has to be touched again! Simple.**
  • Call Tracking * - Use a phone number specifically for advertising to track campaigns.
  • Reputation/Reviews Management - Build your reputation fast and manage reviews from Facebook and Google right from one spot!
  • SMS or Text Marketing * - Missed call text back automation! Can't answer the phone? No problem! Send an automated message to get a response vs. losing them to your competition.
  • Mobile App - App for your phone to manage leads with ease while on the job! Reply to texts, incoming calls and request reviews right from your phone.
  • Surveys and Forms - Build customer-catching forms and surveys.
  • Email Marketing * - Automated emails sent to customers!
  • Booking and Appointments - Create a booking calendar for your business.
  • BONUS! - All accounts get full access to our Ultimate Membership which includes all current and future courses, workshops, and access to our private community! A $997 per year value! Learn to grow your business even more!
  • and so much more!
  • Don't forget - We build it and set it all up for you and support you for as long as you are a member! Including whatever the "next things" are!!!

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*Usage Fees. Monthly credit of $10 for SMS, Phone, and email usage.

That's about 444 texts or 392 minutes in calls or 4,761 emails per month. Overage rates are listed below.

*SMS Messaging is billed at $0.0255 for inbound and outbound texts.

*Phone calls are billed at $0.039 min outbound and $0.0255 min inbound.

*Emails are $0.0021 per email.

*Local Phone Number is billed at $1.00/month per number.

**As all websites are different we can't manually install our system but it is a very easy and common procedure that you or your web designer can handle. We are always available for support. Contact us if you have questions?.We can also build custom websites ,but customizations outside of the scope of this membership will need to be quoted.**